Thank You from the Naumovic Family

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Dear Beth King MS, CCC-SLP:

I am writing to make you aware and express our gratitude for the time and attention your staff member, Brittany Mowfy has afforded our son Nicholas Naumovic this year.

I would like to start by qualifying this letter and its importance by saying, up until six months ago we had no idea of our son’s comprehension level.  We were afraid he comprehended very little and would be dependent on us for the rest of his life. Nicholas has been in speech and occupational therapy since his regression diagnosis when he was three, he is now fifteen.  During those years he has had 18 total therapists, 16 were from another agency, to include Mrs.Mowfy whom he has now.  Why so many I’m sure you’re asking, he kept getting passed off because no one could make a connection or find anything that motivated him, (their words). To say the least we lived in fear of Nicks future every day.

Nick, showed immediate improvement as soon as he began working with Mrs. Mowfy. When we first met she asked about him, I told her, he is difficult to motivate he shows glimpses of ability but then nothing I said to her, I believe he knows a lot more than he is letting on and is playing us.  Well, if you know Brittany you can see her putting her hand on her hip, looking at Nick and saying, “So you like to play, well let’s play.” I will never forget that day because I knew something was about to happen.  Nick had been attending the SECEP program at VBPS, during his middle school career he was issues a iPad with communication software, at my request. Nick carried that iPad all day for three years, I would check the history and it would be empty.  I realized he could bring it home.  I asked Mrs. Mowfy if she would be willing to try and get him to you the devise, she answered, of course!  On March 3, 2017, I brought the device with Nick and sent him back with Mrs., Mowfy, 30 minutes later they appeared and she presented me with a video of not only Nick using the device but doing math!  I cried as did his father and it became the first of many happiest days of our life.  Not only can Nick do math, he understands and can interpret Spanish and Russian.  How do we know, he told us then proved it to us! We have been documenting Nick’s speech sessions with Mrs. Mowfy and uploading them to YouTube, search Nick Naumovic using Apple communication software, to view to-date nine mind blowing sessions. We are no longer concerned with Nick’s future and we can with all certainty tell you that Mrs. Mowfy was the key that opened the door where he had been stockpiling all his knowledge.

We are very impressed with your company as well as the entire staff at your Providence Road location and are forever in debt to Mrs. Mowfy for taking the initiative and getting Nick out of his shell, as well as with the amount of care and attention she has given our son. Nicholas Naumovic is very lucky to have been assigned to her this year.

If you are so inclined, we would love you to share Nicks story with all.  We give full permission to show video and use his name.  Everyone should have the opportunity to see that there is a light, autism is not a tunnel you cannot ecommerce from, we know that.


Sheri Naumovic

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